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Hey there meet Nurse Mildred

My entire life has been filled with abundant love. My family is very supportive. I am grateful to all of them. I am a byproduct of their collective roles, support and dreams. I am Mildred Turner, Registered Nurse, entrepreneur, proud mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and an amazing friend. As a woman, I am defined by my roles as a loving shero.


As a professional it is my time to give back. I genuinely love people and the blessing of life. And I am acutely aware of my purpose to use various forms of the health-care and beauty industry to provide advance knowledge to my clients, my students and my staff. I graduated from the Indiana University School of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree in nursing. I am a 24-year veteran in this field, (1998 – currently) and I am now poised to provide my services as a certified body sculptor, performing Invasive and non-invasive techniques, as an offering to the clients I serve and the students I teach. Through my services clients will receive IV Hydration, Liquid Lipo (Fat dissolving Injections), Semaglutide weekly weight loss injections, laser lipo & lipo cavitation, radio frequency/skin tightening, post-op & lymphatic drainage care and so much more.


My motto is never quit! I have overcome numerous adversities in this very Blessed life and through each adverse event I have become wiser. I am a conqueror and my goal is to instill that same spirit into all that encounter me.


Blessing, Peace and Prosperity., 

Mildred L. Turner, BSN, RNC

All About

Our body’s go through many phases and transition as women, our natural curves are affected by weight gain, weight loss, child birth, hormonal changes, diet and physical activity. As we advance in age the above changes are further exacerbated by the loss of collagen.  Collagen affects the skins elasticity, firmness and ability to maintain tone.  At Creative Curves Body Sculpting, we offer a wide range of services tailored to help you achieve your body goals. Our comprehensive offerings include Semaglutide, a powerful weight loss program that supports your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Our lipo cavitation along with laser lipo treatments utilize advanced technologies to target stubborn fat and contour your body with precision. With our liquid lipo service, we provide a minimally invasive solution for fat reduction, helping you achieve a more sculpted appearance. Our cellulite treatment addresses the underlying causes of cellulite, leaving you with smoother, firmer skin. Creative Curves Body Sculpting services and goal is to return your natural glow to your skin and provide a smoother more contoured look to your body. Additionally, we offer IV hydration therapy to replenish essential nutrients and post-op/lymphatic drainage services to aid in your recovery process. Experience the expertise of our dedicated team as we guide you on your path to transformation.


Our goal is to be the foremost motivator for changing lives by enhancing confidence and transforming bodies. Regardless of body type, age, or background, we see a day when anybody looking to alter their lives for the better can access body sculpting. We strive to become a reputable global source for sculpting solutions through ongoing research, technological development, and an emphasis on patient safety.

Our ultimate objective is to encourage our customers to embrace their uniqueness, instill body acceptance, and inspire confidence in order to start them on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.


Creative Curves Body Sculpting is dedicated to offering our clients the absolute best services while providing the highest level of customer service and gratification. Our clients are very important to us, and it is our goal to achieve complete satisfaction in meeting the needs of our clients with every service we provide. We are committed to the very highest standards of hygiene, safety and sanitation. We understand the immeasurable importance of developing a harmonious synergy with our clients by providing caring, friendly and trained nurse Mildred. We take pride in excellence.. in garnering your respect and trsust.. ensuring that a high percentage of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. 

My goal, as a nurse in the body sculpting field, is to enable people to embrace their individuality, realize their aesthetic goals, and boost their self-confidence by providing them with safe and customized body sculpting solutions. I am dedicated to offering a welcoming and expert atmosphere where qualified practitioners may contour and improve body transformations. We want to change beauty standards by promoting body positivity and self-acceptance while delivering outstanding outcomes. We do this through clean techniques and a commitment to the wellbeing of our clients.

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