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Liquid Lipo Injections
(Mesotherapy or Fat Dissolving Injections)

Mesotherapy/ Liquid Lipo/ Fat dissolving injections is a type of medical treatment that involves injecting small amounts of medication injected into the underlying tissues. This treatment is used for cosmetic purposes, such as reducing cellulite and lipolysis(Fat dissolver). 

  1. Avoid Willow Bark or Gingko Biloba supplements for at least 10 days prior to treatment.

  2. Avoid Aspirin, Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, or Aleve for at least 5 days prior to treatment.

  3. Try to limit caffeine intake in the 24 hours before your treatment.

  4. On the morning of your treatment, wash the  treatment area vigorously with an antibacterial soap.

  5. Do not use any lotions, creams, bath oils, or sprays on the areas to be treated.

  6. Apply your Arnica cream 2+ hours before treatment.

  7. Eat a light, high-protein meal 2 hours before your treatment.

Areas commonly treated by liquid lipo injections include:

  1. Chin and Jawline: Submental fat (double chin) can be targeted to improve the definition of the jawline and reduce the appearance of a double chin.

  2. Abdomen: Stubborn fat deposits in the abdomen area, including love handles or a "pooch," can be targeted for reduction.

  3. Thighs: Both inner and outer thighs can be treated to reduce fat deposits and improve thigh contours.

  4. Arms: Excess fat in the upper arms, commonly known as "bat wings," can be targeted for reduction.

  5. Back: Bulges or rolls of fat in the upper or lower back area can be treated.

  6. Flanks: Also known as love handles or muffin tops, these areas of fat deposits on the sides of the torso can be targeted for reduction.

  7. Buttocks: Small pockets of fat on the buttocks can be treated to improve contours.

  8. Knees: Fat deposits around the knees can be targeted for reduction.

Select your Sessions

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Liquid Lipo

90 Mins - $800 Only

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Liquid Lipo Arms

90 Mins - $850 Only

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Liquid Lipo Package 3 Sessions

120 Mins - $3,350 Only

OUR Fat Dissolving Injections PROCESS

Meet Nurse Mildred, a trailblazer who uses the technique of liquid lipo, commonly known as mesotherapy, to direct the symphony of change.

 Liquid lipo/mesotherapy is more than a procedure—it's a personalized journey that Creative Curves Body Sculpting guides each client through with precision and care. With every carefully placed injection, Nurse Mildred taps into the magic of customized formulations to target specific areas, dissolving fat cells and revealing the radiant potential within.

So, whether you're considering liquid lipo/mesotherapy for the first time or seeking a true expert's touch, Creative Curves Bodys Sculpting is your guide to unveiling the best version of yourself. Step into the world of transformative aesthetics, where science and art unite under Nurse Mildred's skillful guidance. Get ready to be captivated by the symphony of transformation! 

Liquid Lipo (Mesotherapy) Injections

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